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Oh Dear What have I done...

4: Newbie

I've spent the afternoon on Chat trying to get an eSim working after switching from IDMobile. Needless to say it's still not working. When will I learn to come here and have a look before buying stuff?


I seem to be able to make calls and texts and my number is correct on the receiving phone, but I cannot receive any calls or iMessages.


The "Send and Receive" setting in iMessages is hung on "Verifying" after filling in the "My Number" field in "Phone" settings, before that it just said "Primary" with the busy animation.


This could be Apple I suppose not yet associating this eSim/number with the phone (although it's the same number ported over from ID) or something with Vodafone. I don't know, I should have just got a regular physical Sim I suppose.


Sad to see the same unresolved issues here :0(




Hi @Graydog7 👋 Sorry that you're having this difficulty. This does sound like a possible routing issue, which can sometimes happen after moving your number from another network. So we can investigate this fully could you please contact our social team via this link and we will be happy to look into this further.

Thanks for getting back to me.

I have already spent quite a few hours on the support portal without getting it to work and even now two days later the eSim is not working correctly, no incoming calls or texts.


Having spent over 3 months trying to resolve a Broadband issue, without success, and seeing some of the comments here I decided to cancel the new contract while I'm still within the 14 day cooling off period and go back to IDMobile. 


I was also disappointed to see that despite the predictions of popular online coverage websites which showed Vodafone to be excellent over my area against IDMobile which was moderate, IDMobile beats VF hands down with Ookla on my iPhone with the Vodafone eSim showing 6Mbps compared to 20Mbps on my wife's iPhone still on IDMobile