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blackberry internet

2: Seeker

So I got this Blackberry Torch off of my friend. I ordered a new Vodafone SIM card and then topped up £10 on it and changed that to a £10 package. The package included a certain amount of internet usage. When I tried going on the interenet (without wifi from a router- just when I was out) it wouldn't let me get on it and says- "you do not have sufficient wireless coverage"

I had mobile connection signal

I really dont know what to do, I am not sure whether I have to get BIS or not (I heard it is £5), because if I do then it is cheaper to just go back to GiffGaff

And then how would I unlock my Blackberry to except my GiffGaff SIM card

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Hi RoseMarshall


You will need BIS (BlackBerry Internet Services) in order to use data on your BlackBerry.


See how you can get here





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16: Advanced member

Your Friend will need to request the Handset Unlocked.


I would first try another SIM card to make sure it is not already unlocked as many Vodafone supplied phones are already Unlocked.

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