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Blocking Ports

Hey there I need to block certain ports on my network but from only one of the computers connected. The ports are for Steam but I for the life of me can't figure out how any of the router site stuff works.  To log into Steam and download content:HTTP...

Parkboi by 2: Seeker
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dlm reset after months of disconnections

so been with Vodafone about 7 months disconnections every day two engineer visits. I ask open reach and Vodafone to change cable from pole to the house every time they put a tester on saying its fine.there is a join in the cable outside to a little b...

deltafx by 4: Newbie
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Change from Interleaved Path to Fast Path link type

Before I switched to Vodafone I had BT with the same speeds but on the DSL status page I had Fast Path for link type whereas for Vodafone I have got Interleaved Path which isn't good for me as I stream and game a lot, and fast path allows me to get t...

packet by 2: Seeker
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Draytek 2832/130 with Superfast Broadband

Finally setup my Draytek 2832 router with Bridged Vigor 130 modem working to vodafone VDSL.  So far it's working flawlessly after days of setup frustration.  Also managed to access the Vigor 130 whilst in Bridge mode using Vlan.  Xbox, PC, iMAC, Netf...

mitchole by 2: Seeker
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Low sync speed and dropouts

For weeks now I have had a low sync speed to the router and also the Internet keeps dropping out, really need this sorting out as my contract expires in August and I'm seriously thi King of moving because of this

Lost 5ghz WiFi and no info on router. homepage

Hi,As above, i have split SSID on y router and i've only just notices that there is no 5GHz option available to connect to on any device in y house. Also, when i log into my router a lot of info is missing, ie i get blank screens under the wifi tab.A...

Broadband dropping out constantly

Hi there, I have joined vodafone broadband at the 28th of May. The internet keeps disconnecting and does not keep a stable connection. The speed is not as promised so I get the 15% discount but I wanted speed not a connection that can't get its guara...

guykoth by 2: Seeker
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