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Mobile Broadband

Roaming with the R218h

2: Seeker

I was assured the Mifi would work when abroad but it doesn't.

Have had 4 chats without success. Some suggestions were naive such as switching on phone's mobile data which resulted inevitably in the Mifi being bypassed.

I have now formally complained but any suggestions would be welcomed before I go abroad again and have to rely on a now well developed network of free Wifis.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Rjsmifi


Can I ask if the agent confirmed the roaming bar was turned Off on your account  ?

To add as Vodafone UK have no direct access or control over a foreign network then connection can be a rare hit and miss affair as we've seen others who have experienced issues latching to a network etc when roaming with no glaring reason as to why it won't work. 

If this was my situation I would have the device unlocked to all networks so I could use a local SIM card as a last resort. 


Current Phone > Samsung Note 9 _512Gb > Model: SM-N960 Hybrid-Duos.


Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch.

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2: Seeker


That was a potential issue on our first trip but fixed. Second trip checked twice and confirmed as off each time.

I am a (very) light user of data generally but my granddaughter would make much more use of it so will perhaps look at local sims. Are these exchangeable within the Mifi device?

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@Rjsmifi We're happy to look into this for you further. Please send us your details via the private message I've sent you. 

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2: Seeker

I have the same issue. The Mi Fi R218h worked in the UK but doesnt here in Spain.

I was assured it would work in the shop. There have been several chats but I think it is a roaming problem with the device (?). The SIM is OK to roam.

Can anybody help pls



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2: Seeker

I have yet to validate the solution offered as haven't been abroad yet to try it. But seems promising.

I was given the following instructions over the phone in UK where MiFi was providing WiFi to a tablet.

Type into Google

This brings up a login(from the app?)

Login as admin

Brought up Messages

Was a menu box top RH corner

Drop down to mobile broadband

Click on this

Click on connection

Tick green box - Automatically connect even when roaming


Let us know if this works!!!!!!!

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2: Seeker

This is brilliant ! It works and I now can use my Mi Fi, and that makes my holiday!


Thanks for replying and helping me out. You're a star!

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2: Seeker

Happy to help.

Woke up in a cold sweat at 03:00 thinking the number I had broadcast was my IP address.

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2: Seeker

Unfortunatemy I've tries this and it hasn't worked for me. My Wi-Fi says connected but "internet may not be available" 

It worked in the UK but not abroad. 

All I keep getting told by Vodafone support is to take the SIM card out, turn it off, wait 15-20 mins and turn it back on again. 


Would really appreciate some help.

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2: Seeker

On the Wi-Fi information it says automatic bit underneath it says disconnected... how do I bloomin connect the thing? 

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2: Seeker

I understand your frustration! All I can say is this worked for me:

Go to the 'Welcomw to Vodafone Mobile Wi Fi' page (at and login as 'admin'.

Third tab down is 'connectivity' and check the box labelled 'Automatically connect even when roaming'


Other than that, are you getting a Vodafone signal?

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2: Seeker

Hi, thank you for your reply, The Vodafone sim has full signal when I put it in My mobile phone which makes me feel like it's a dongle issue? 


On the router I can't find the connection tab that you mention. I have the following in the top right hand menu... 


Mobile broadband


      Update device 







Then in the main section of the router I have the following...

Mobile Wi-Fi 

      On Tango network

      Automatic (4G, 3G & 2G) 

      Disconnected  (this is the problem?) 

Battery status 

Wi-Fi status (enabled) 

Connected Devices 


Am I right in assuming that I can still use the SIM with the package (I bought unlimited bundles for social media, Netflix, spotify etc) 

As long as my sim is in my phone and I am able to tether it until the dongle is fixed? 


Thank you 

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@Dibbles18 If your Mobile Wi-Fi device still isn't working abroad after trying the above, we'd need to take a closer look into what's going on. 

So we're able to assist further, please contact our team directly using the information in my private message

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