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Court Action Against Vodafone

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Hi All

Has anyone taken Vodafone to the Small Claims Court? Would like to hear of experiences.

Brief synopsis of my situation:

- Closed a Vodafone Broadband account due to poor service

- Told my account balance was zero by Vodafone

- No letters or emails sent to advising of a "closing balance"

- Default marked on my credit file, causing mortgage rejection, hence costing me several thousand pounds extra having to go for a lender that would accept me

- Been through CISAS who have confirmed multiple failings in Vodafone customer service. However, awarded an insignificant compensation amount I am not happy about

- looking to pursue in small claims court now 


Any provide any advice? Thanks in advance. 


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Exactly the same happened to me.

I'm in the small claims court against them tomorrow.

It took me months for them to agree to put their errors right and in the interim I couldn't renogotiate a mortgage or buy a new car. My credit rating had gone from the high 600s out of 720 (excellent) to 135. I have it in writing from them that the account was closed and that nothing was owing. When I contacted Transunion and said that these reports were incorrect, i was told that they had checked with Vodaphone who had confirmed that the reports were correct.

Their defence tomorrow (they have had to admit to havig filed incorrect reports) is that they put it right. Well that's like a bank robber saying that they gave the money they robbed, back to the bank. 

I'm claiming £3000 in damages.

Let's see what happens.

Hi David

Apologies, have just picked up your message.

How did it go? Did you get the resolution you were seeking?

let me know, would be interested.



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3: Seeker

Court case happened in Staines yesterday. Vodafone lost and were ordered to pay £500 in damages plus all my costs. £832 in total. Judge expressed her dissatisfaction at their incorrectly reporting to credit reference agencies and then rode roughshod over those organisations too. I think they got off lightly, but if more of us went through this process, they might start learning a lesson. Good luck.

Would love to get your take on my issue outlined below.

Hello David, Does court consider whether or not you took Vodafone to CISAS first? In our case 12 months passed after deadlock letter due to health issues. I am wondering whether that would be against us at the court. Many thanks and well done for winning your case.

Hey @cancelnightmare I'm sorry to hear you've had problems with closing your account. If there's anything we can help with, please reach out to us via one of our social channels


Vodafone keeps charging us for mobile modem sim cards not being used. You accepted that they were not being used but you did not refund us the money charged. You offered %50 of the amount to be refunded, we rejected. That's theft! You get our money and don't give it back. Because we rejected you don't close the accounts and you provided a deadlock letter. I can't find words to express my feelings. You get our money, don't give it back. Are you senior enough to help in this situation? We have wasted long long hours on this and I don't want to spend more time with Vodafone unless someone can really help. 

I'm sorry to hear you're not happy with our final resolution @cancelnightmare, if you reach out to us via one of our social channels, one of our team will be more than happy to take a look into what's happened and see if there's anything more we can help.

Dear Mark,

There was no resolution. Vodafone does not cancel accounts we don't use (you can see they are not being used)  and keep charging us every month only because we did not settle with your 50% refund offer. My husband said he has escalated to senior management level and still there was no help. It seems to be your company policy. That's theft! You told us in a store to throw away the sim stating that you would close the account. You kept charging us, we did not realise. When we realised we asked you to pay the money back and you stated you would pay only 50% of it. Why would we settle with this??? This is beyond being unethical. That's stealing from someone's bank account. Vodafone does that and then tries to get away with it. What kind of company and personal values you hold - if any? 

This should be public, everyone should know about it and avoid using Vodafone. If we did not pay you one month our credit score would be affected. We keep paying you for not to be affected. We will also demand compensation for all the damages you caused and also our time. We will write to you one last time before applying to the court.