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Community Champions first impressions of the 930

Hi   The Nokia 930 is certainly a different and standout phone. From it’s brightly coloured back to the eye catching windows display. If you're looking for something a little different then this could be the phone for you.   Our very own community ch...

Ellis_VF by Community Manager (Retired)
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Can't connect to internet by WAP or Internet, only Wifi - help!

Hey all, This afternoon I received an MMS and it wouldn't come through, so I changed the settings of my MMS APN.  I think I changed the Proxy bit and entered an IP address; all was fine and my MMS came through, happy days! Since then however, I have ...

pink82 by 4: Newbie
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Nokia X6 - Phantom message

Can you please explain how I can stop the "88850800003436" calls being made from my phone, and how I can claim compensation for the money wasted on these unauthorised calls, which are being charged at 14p each, and have been for several; weeks, if no...

dpeckett by 2: Seeker
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Resolved! Vodafone software installed on network agnostic 635

Hello, I'm deploying some business hardened Lumia 635s to various offices in the UK. Since they all use different networks, I have purchased network agnostic phones. Does anyone know what software would be pushed on to the phone once I put a Vodafone...

Lumia 630 - Cortana Info Gathering

Hi there,I checked my Data Sense settings yesterday and noticed a service called Cortana Info Gathering. As far as I'm aware I didn't opt in to this, as I don't want anything to do with Cortana. How can I disable it?Matt

Resolved! 1020 can receive texts but not send them???

Hey Guys My 1020 has been good as gold until today when for some reason it's stopped sending texts.  I still receive them OK (although no audible alerts like normal) and can make and receive phone calls with no issues at all. Any ideas? I've searched...

Nokia Lumia 820

I have just updated my phone to the latest software and when the phone rings it only rings 4 times before it trips onto the answering machine. Does anyone have an idea how I can increase the number of rings before it trips ? Any help would be most ap...

Nokia Lumia 520 nothing heard when message left on voicemail

I've had a Nokia Lumia 520 on contract for over 18 months and have been pleased with it.  Recently, but not all the time, when someone leaves me a voicemail and I go to listen to my new messages it seems as if the message has been left but I can't he...

june54 by 2: Seeker
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problems with the 920

hi, had a 920 since earlier this year. had the 820, but after 12 months of problems with 10 handsets, got offered a 920 in stead. The 920 worked great until the new update (cyan) ever since the update, when ever i make a call, the screen goes blank. ...

Ni internet or MMS

I've just changed my pay monthly phone from a Blackberry Curve to Nokia 520. Internet and MMS were fine for the first week, now they've stopped working. I got a text message from Vodafone to say they'd send my new settings by text, but that never arr...

paul700x by 3: Seeker
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