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Resolved! windows 8.1 update Cortana?

Ive updated a nokia lumia  520 & a lumia 920 today with windows 8.1. neither has Cartona included in the upgrade. Any ideas why/ Or has itnot uncluded/ thanks.

dummerboy by 3: Seeker
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nokia lumia 1520

I am having problems with my nokia lumia 1520 facebook is constantly saying "we're having trouble getting data" i have it all the time and wont open pages, has anyone else had or havig this problem?? What should i do?

Resolved! lumia 820 MiFi Access Problem

Since updating to WinPhone 8.1 I've been unable to connect to the internet using my Huawei E5332 MiFi.My phone recognises the SSID and attempts to connect but after a while reports "No Internet access"The device is OK as it connects with my Galaxy Ta...

Camera focus: Nokia 930

Hi All.   The Nokia 930 is an amazing phone with lots of standout features. One of the most prominent is it's excellent camera which incorporates a 20-Megapixel sensor within a Carl Zeiss Lens.   While we are naturally excited by this excellent camer...

Ellis_VF by Community Manager (Retired)
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Help please

HI, I am having trouble with my internet and picture messaging on my phone, I have resent the settings and that has not worked, i have put them in manually and again it hasn't worked, i reset my phone to factory settings and resent the settings again...

catty4667 by 3: Seeker
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Hi on my account it sais that i have 2gb of free bt openzone wifi, i tried my details on the bt openzone website, but its not letting me log on!Help me please!!!!

dedman999 by 2: Seeker
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8007045d Error

Had 1020 nokia lumia for about 6 months no issues till the last few days.Will not play back any video clips. On internet or even videos I've recorded myself. Just shows me the error code 8007945d.Very frustrating. Asked in vodafone store yesterday, t...

sale of goods act 1979

Dear vodafone, in decenber 2013 I took out a 2 year contract with a nokia lumia 1020 mobile phone with vodafone. since then ive had nothing but problems : 1st i was mis sold a sim adapter so i could use my nano sim. this broke the tray and i had to r...

Nokia Lumia 625 help videos

Hello   We have created a series of help videos for the Nokia Lumia 625 including:   Using the cameraSetting up security featuresInserting a MicroSIMSetting up EmailDownloading apps  

JD by Community Manager (Retired)
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Visual Voicemail

With the latest Windows Phone 8 updates Visual Voicemail is now, finally, a possibility, dependent on carrier.  Does anyone know if Vodafone intends to offer it?