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Other broadband queries

£100 Amazon reward voucher not received after joining Vodaphone Broadband

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3: Seeker

I finally got a resoloution on this.


Following the message that Im not eligable I admit I saw red, phoned Vodafone complaints 03333040441

and after a couple of attempts got through to someone and expressed my extreme displeasure.

They transfered me to someone else and he was told about how angry I was, to be fair he got the message and I was transfered to a manager who explained I wasnt entitled to the voucher as it was broadband extra that got a voucher and I only had broadband.

Whilst I remained unhappy at this news at least it made sence and was understandable which was a heck of a lot more than anyone else so far had told me.

I then informed him that was not clear on the website and not what Id been informed all along for the last week and a half.

The manager confirmed he had my communications in from of him, the emails, the telephone calls, the social media communication, the live chat dialog, and that I had not recieved good service so he was going to compensate me, not quite to £75 but we reached an amicable soloution.

So whilst I remain wholly unsatisfited with the way Vodafone treats their customers, this was a good outcome.

I suggest to everone reading this whos having problems to give that number a ring and tell them how useless they are.

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16: Advanced member

@GarryWhite wrote:

manager who explained I wasnt entitled to the voucher as it was broadband extra that got a voucher and I only had broadband.

That's strange as I joined on Superfast2 and got the £75 acknowledgement email.

I was considering adding the calls package but realised it would cost the same as Extra but without the Apple 4k so changed my contract to Extra. I was worried that may have made me ineligible for the Amazon vouchers but they turned up in due course.

Vodafone were very efficient at swapping my contract ( I was still in the cooling off period) but have been less efficient in my dealings with them since.

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3: Seeker

Glad you've had a result @GarryWhite, still, why it took all of that is beyond me - Vodafone clearly know about the issue, and choose to ignore it. Trying to blame Wegift is just a childish cop-out, they should take ownership of the problem. It's Vodafone's image being harmed.


My package is 'Superfast 2 Extra with Apple TV on us - with the Vodafone Together Discount £3' so according to the manager, I am entitled to the voucher.. I'll give that number a call, thanks very much.



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