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Other broadband queries

£100 Amazon reward voucher not received after joining Vodaphone Broadband

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3: Seeker

I finally got a resoloution on this.


Following the message that Im not eligable I admit I saw red, phoned Vodafone complaints 03333040441

and after a couple of attempts got through to someone and expressed my extreme displeasure.

They transfered me to someone else and he was told about how angry I was, to be fair he got the message and I was transfered to a manager who explained I wasnt entitled to the voucher as it was broadband extra that got a voucher and I only had broadband.

Whilst I remained unhappy at this news at least it made sence and was understandable which was a heck of a lot more than anyone else so far had told me.

I then informed him that was not clear on the website and not what Id been informed all along for the last week and a half.

The manager confirmed he had my communications in from of him, the emails, the telephone calls, the social media communication, the live chat dialog, and that I had not recieved good service so he was going to compensate me, not quite to £75 but we reached an amicable soloution.

So whilst I remain wholly unsatisfited with the way Vodafone treats their customers, this was a good outcome.

I suggest to everone reading this whos having problems to give that number a ring and tell them how useless they are.

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16: Advanced member

@GarryWhite wrote:

manager who explained I wasnt entitled to the voucher as it was broadband extra that got a voucher and I only had broadband.

That's strange as I joined on Superfast2 and got the £75 acknowledgement email.

I was considering adding the calls package but realised it would cost the same as Extra but without the Apple 4k so changed my contract to Extra. I was worried that may have made me ineligible for the Amazon vouchers but they turned up in due course.

Vodafone were very efficient at swapping my contract ( I was still in the cooling off period) but have been less efficient in my dealings with them since.

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3: Seeker

Glad you've had a result @GarryWhite, still, why it took all of that is beyond me - Vodafone clearly know about the issue, and choose to ignore it. Trying to blame Wegift is just a childish cop-out, they should take ownership of the problem. It's Vodafone's image being harmed.


My package is 'Superfast 2 Extra with Apple TV on us - with the Vodafone Together Discount £3' so according to the manager, I am entitled to the voucher.. I'll give that number a call, thanks very much.



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2: Seeker

Good news, thanks to the information on this forum I finally received my £100 gift card. 

I had not received my email to claim the  gift card after the 120 day period. I folllowed the advice 

  • If you came to us through Money Super Market, Broadband Choices, Go Compare, Money Saving Expert etc  at any time  You can raise any queries  to   uk-vodaphonevouchers  

Vodaphone vouchers  replied within days and asked for some information and then informed me I needed to contact Giftcloud

The reason given was that Giftcloud managed the vouchers in March 2021 when I moved to Vodaphone. Giftcloud asked for the same information; Order number , Date of order confirmation on email from vodafone, Email address used.  All the information needed was in the email I recieved from Vodaphone when I applied online. I emailed this and Giftcloud got back to me in a few days informing me they had to check with Vodaphone and would respond within 10 working days. They did this and informed me I was entitled to the gift/reward but I  had to wait for the email that I should receive within 10 working days. The next day I received the email with the link to the gift card. I downloaded and activated the card.

So thanks to this forum  and Vodaphone vouchers for pointing me to Giftcloud, who should have sent me the email after 120 days of signing up to the vodaphone account.  Unfortunately they failed to do this, but they were very effective in resolving this for me as a result of contacting them to pursue this.






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