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SIM card tracking still shows ‘This order is non-shippable’ one week on.

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Last Saturday I went on live chat to order a new blank SIM card for my Mum who has just bought a new phone and needs a nano sim. The order seemed to be successful and she received a confirmation text straight away. One week on, she still hasn’t received the SIM card despite being told it should take 1-3 working days. This evening I checked the order tracking and saw the following message, ‘This order is non-shippable’. Assuming there was an issue at Vodafone’s end, I went back on live chat to request a replacement order. Upon checking this order I can see the same message.

Please can someone enlighten as to what this means. My Mum is elderly and is quite confused by the process of sorting the SIM card so I am trying to sort it out on her behalf.


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Unfortunately @Z3A1rA  there is no account access via this forum however the Vodafone Social Media Teams are available via 

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Thank you, I have contacted them via Twitter (X) but Mum is not on social media so I don’t know if they can help me.

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

I suspect the reason you are getting that message @Z3A1rA is because the replacement SIM comes Royal Mail and can't be tracked.

The first order may just be delayed with Royal Mail and may still turn up.

The quickest way to get a replacement SIM is through a Vodafone Store, take the phone with you, they will also need to make sure they are dealing with the account holder, Vodafone are very security concerned when it comes to a SIM swap. Before you go or contact Vodafone in any way make sure your Mother contacts Vodafone and gives you full authority over the account and have can prove identity.  

There is some information here : Replacement SIM 

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, there are no Vodafone shops nearby and travel is not easy therefore the only option was to try and contact them via live chat when we were both together.


 I hope you are correct and that the card does turn up, it’s driving me mad!