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Taking Vodafone UK to court

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I am beyond disgusted.

On Monday (FEB 13) I got a popup on my phone saying "SIM Failure". I though OK ill just contact Vodafone and get a new SIM. No biggie. Right? Oh God was I wrong.


I asked the live chat agent and he recommended moving me to ESIM as it was quicker and I wouldn't have to wait to get a SIM in the post. Sounds good. Well this is where everything goes wrong. He ordered 2 ESIM replacements for some reason and it has messed up my whole account. 


After I scan the QR code (both of them) they are invalid. So I go into the shop and the guy says he has messed my account up good. The guy in the shop was actually very kind and helpful. He genuinely wanted to help me but was unable to because of Vodafdone's awful way of handling things on their system. There was about 5 open orders. He was on the phone with someone high up at Vodafone to get all of those orders closed manually. He said he would get my original physical SIM active and working again. He said it would be activated within 24 hours. He also gave me his personal number so I wouldn't keep having to come out to the store to get it sorted. The thing I find funny is that he moved to EE because he had a nearly identical situation to me!


24 hours. Nothing. I call the guy and he escalated it. Another 24. Nothing. I go in and get another SIM. 24 hours after. Still no service. One more SIM. 24 hours. Nothing.


I have called up and said that I would like to terminate early because I am not getting the service that I am paying for. I use this number for everything and everything is connected to it using 2 factor authentication. I cannot access any of my online accounts or banking. They had the audacity to tell me to wait another 24 hours, I said no I want to terminate and I have been told to wait 24 everyday since Monday. They then said that I can cancel and get my PAC and move to EE. I am paying the fees and moving but I think that it is absolutely disgusting the way they are. What if I had an emergency and I couldn't call 999 because Vodafone can't get their act together.


I am terminating in 2 hours and going to EE. I was with them since the T-Mobile days and left 2 years after they rebranded as EE. Had nothing but amazing experiences with them. I left because I could get more data on Vodafone. Worst mistake of my life. Nothing but issues for years.


I am taking them to small claims court to recoup the £100 in early termination fees. I am paying in contract for a service which I am not being provided. I should not have to pay their fees. Has anyone every had a similar experience taking Vodafone to court? 



12: Established
12: Established

I’ve just had a very similar problem which I ended up being escalating to the CEOs office who sorted it out.


If you feel like customer service and the ‘complaints’ you have raised are not being address correctly there’s websites where you can find the CEO, Ahmed Essam’s email address. This will go to an executive complaints team who have greater authority to help resolve your issues.


I was without service for 16 days, sorting it out was really painful. I tried to follow the Social Media route and still haven’t had a reply! 

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I am seeking legal advice against Vodafone UK Customer Support as well. They have provided me with fraudulent information twice and don't have their s&t sorted. Each agent says something different, but this time their misleading information (recorded and in writing) impacts my contract, and I am taking this legally. Let us know how it went for you. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Nassiakapa - It's not good to hear something's got to this stage and you have been given incorrect information. If there's anything you'd like my team to investigate, then please contact us through Social Media

Hi Gemma, I tried social media, but the response is as slow and unprofessional as your customer service. I have raised the complaint to your legal department, hoping they show appreciation to your customers. I have copied the CEO as suggested by another person in the community. In the meantime, I am checking with the Citizen Advisor. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Nassiakapa - If you've made a complaint to our Customer Relations Team, this is our highest point of escalation. I'm sorry its got to this stage. They'll be in touch as soon as they reach your complaint. 

I've had a similar situation and been without a phone line for 6 days. Please let me know how you get on as I fear I'm going to have to take the same action. Even the ceo complaints dept have been slow and unhelpful, what happened to this company?

I ended up going to the shop and refusing to leave until they terminated my contract without early termination fees. 


I walked across the street and am now happily in a 24 month contract with EE unlimited everything for 28 quid a month. 

@Techmedics247 - I'm sorry to hear this isn't resolved yet. I know how important it is to have an active line. I understand you have contacted us on Social Media.

I can see you have mentioned this is also with our Directors Office. With them being the highest point of escalation my team can't intervene, although we can add notes to your case handler. 

If you have called the number from your complaints email and you feel you're not being helped, then please reply back to the last message my team sent to you on Social Media and ask us to add a note to your case. 

And this is what's wrong with the whole company! Social media, maybe if they invested in a UK call centre where people actually speak English as their first language then this ##~## show might of actually got sorted when they cut my line off over a week ago. Or might not of even happened.


A week! Not 2 hours not 24 hours....a week and I'm still without  a phone line that I've had for over 15 years plus with vodafone. 


So don't waste your time with "tell the team over at social media" and they can add a note to your file BS. Someone needs to pull their finger out and actually do something, But that's the problem with this company you're all on social bloody media. (Probably not actually doing any work and sidetracked by all the other more interesting things that everyone else is posting). We have to tweet, Instagram or Facebook message, ##~## is wrong with a communications company that they can't do the one thing there are supposed to be famous for! Calling!