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Pay monthly

YouTube Premium expired after 1 month.

2: Seeker

I know others have asked this but I'm hoping there's a mod or equivalent in this chat that can take ownership of this. Spoken to 3 different people, fobbed off by all 3. Promised a 48hr fix in each instance and never heard back from any of them. I have 3 plans with the Entertainment package, 2 of them I added YouTube Premium which expired after 1 month. Vodafone very unsympathetic, bordering rude about this. I specifically resigned with VF for this perk which I am now having to pay for separately, completely defeating the purpose of my choosing this plan. Somebody please help.

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3: Seeker

Hi @Craggleroks 

The below thread has everything you need in terms of the issue with YT Premium which has also affected myself and many other users.


Hope this helps to find all the answers you need.

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I’m sorry to hear the way this has been handled when you’ve contacted us. We can feed this back internally.

There was a technical issue that’s now fixed. Please select your inclusive YouTube Premium subscription again by visiting and follow the onscreen instructions.

If you still need help after following the steps from the link, then please contact us through Social Media. If you contact us there, we can also access your account, so that we can provide the feedback from when you’ve spoke to us.

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