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WAN port on WIFI hub not working?

Hi, Tired of the poor range on my standard WIFI hub, I have bought a TP-link router and connected to the WAN port.All seems good, except the router does not connect to the internet. Is there a setting for this that I need to ammend to allow the WAN p...

Kevan75 by 2: Seeker
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Terrible download speed and 20% packetloss

Over the last few nights around about 5pm till 11pm, I'm experiencing download speeds and high packetloss, which is really affecting everything even just browsing web pages is slow, and as for streaming it continually buffers and gaming isn't even po...


Broadband down. Can't contact vodafone

Went down yesterday but connection checker said they were looking at a known issue & later it came back up.Today it's been down all day: flashing red internet light on router. Connection checker failed completely then said my issue was being looked i...

Home broadband disconnected

Hello everyoneI have been facing a nightmare with home broadband. I do not have service since 09/09 at 6am. During all these days, 11 already gone, everyday Vodafone affirms that Openreach will sort this on that day. During all this time, just lies h...

maguimac by 2: Seeker
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Im no Xpurt but...

Hi all, I recently had ultrafast 500 installed which had to done in the upstairs bedroom as the layout of the house is a bit backward (kitchen at the front). I keep getting drop outs especially when im on the ps5, ive tried hooking up a booster via e...

Skadoosh by 2: Seeker
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Resolved! broadband public ip

Hi there.I would like to know if broadband plan "Fibre Starter" has dynamic public ip or dynamic private ip address for home.I would like to use dyn-dns and port forwarding in my home router. This will work with public ip only.For example, Spark prov...

Home Broadband IP and Router

Can anyone confirm if a Static IP is still available on Home Broadband? The price guide still lists it as a free optional extra, but when I asked on chat I was told it's only available for Business Broadband and not Home Broadband. Second question - ...

systeq by 2: Seeker
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Gigafast first hop latency

 Hello I tried to raise this issue some time ago but I wasn't able to get an answer. Latency is lower on 500 Mbps but higher on 900 Mbps. The first hop to is 10ms which is a considerable amount. # mtr --report --no-dns Start: 2022...

iahmed by 2: Seeker
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