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NUC code needed

Hi I asked for an unlocking code 10 working days ago now and it still hasn't been emailed to me. I have telephoned and chatted online to two people. I am no further forward. I need the code urgently. I am no longer a Vodafone customer. The phone I wa...

Angie371 by 2: Seeker
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Unlocking LG K10 (2017)

Hi, I have my NUC from Vodafone which corresponds to the correct IMEI however the LG K10 isn't listed on the website so I am unable to enter the code. The 2945#* number is not listed for my phone.

Scottysh by 1: Seeker
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Unlocking my Samsung Galaxy s6

hi, I filled out the NUC application process with Vodafone in order to unlock my Samsung galaxy s6.Vodafone emailed me back, providing an NUC code, as well as instructions to unlock the phone.  I was advised to enter a non-Vodafone sim, and restart t...

IMEI is not showing on Vodafone network

Hello - I have  a very strange problem. I bought a phone from a Vodafone shop in London 18 months (have been a pay monthly customer for 10+ years), and now need to get it unlocked for an upcoming trip overseas. I filled in the NUC request form and re...

Unlock LG G5 handset

Applied for unlock code which was approved and recieved instructions. the unlock code for the phone does not work2945#*850# please advise  thanks

NUC code not worked s8+

I have used the code that Vodafone supplied and the phone is still locked, i have checked my new sim and this works in another phone. I have checked all serial numbers and all are correct. What would be the next steps.

Vish by 2: Seeker
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Unlocked iPhone not accepting sim

I have recent sold a an iphone which was originally locked, now unlocked from Vodafone. However the buyer who is resident in Malta states that the phone is not accepting his Vodafone Malti sim. Could someone advise. Kind regards