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Gold Number Sales

We’re constantly looking at ways to offer better products and services for our customers and are happy to announce our great new proposition – Gold Number Sales! What’s a Gold Number? Why get stuck with that randomly assigned number, when you can cho...

Gold numbers 2.png
Phil by Community Manager (Retired)
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Resolved! Roaming in Turkey

Going on holiday in Turkey for 10 days.I am pay monthly but my plan doesn't include the global roaming extra.Am I correct to assume that I could upgrade my plan a day before travelling, benefit from the global roaming, upon return cancel within 14 da...

5G Ultra

Has anyone managed to actually try it yet? I can't imagine there's many new and upgrading customers using an older Samsung phone but be interesting to see some comments and speeds from the user that has managed to get it!

chistery by 16: Advanced member
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Roaming fair usage data limits in Republic of Ireland

Hi all, As my monthly Vodafone bill has just gone up, I’m looking around at alternatives that might be better value and fit my needs more than my current plan. I visit the Republic of Ireland fairly often and require unlimited mobile data when there ...

Cancel a SIM only in my old house alarm system

Hoping somoene can help because Vodaphone cant/wont..I had to put a SIM in my home alarm due to the analogue/PTSN cut off. Its a monthly paid SIM (£7). I moved house and left the SIM to allow the new owners to be alarmed until they got settled. The S...

Subscription cancel

Hi, I have just upgraded my plan, which includes entertainment again. However I have been told I need to cancel the old subscription before I activate the new one. Every page I have been sent to cancel with doesn’t work! Please can someone help me ca...

Jessrach by 2: Seeker
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Price increase - pay monthly SIM only

I have recently 18/03/24, upgraded my existing SIM only contract via said no price rise in 2024 for me but Vodafone (I presume automated) emailed me saying my contract are due a price increase by April 2024. Does the 1st ...

Pixel Watch With New Number When Already Got Number

Why does Vodafone not allow you to purchase a pixel watch on contract but it will do if you take a another number out .when I have a pixal phone with a number so why do Vodafone insist on trying to let it customers getting a new number when we alread...

Credit Check Passed Or Not Passed

Hi Currently Have Fibre 2 With Bosster And Mobile Backup Phone Line Right Been with Vodafone For The Above 6 months now and around 3 months ago  ago I went to add a additional Plan to my account IE a contract Phone picked the phone had a upfront paym...