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Voicemail Temporary Greeting and Extended Absence Greeting

These features of the Voicemail system are very useful, especially over the holiday season, but there is remarkably little information about them on the website. Indeed, I haven’t been able to find any information, although I use them regularly, and ...

Annie_N by Community Champion (Retired)
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Vodafone Sure Signal troubleshooting

Flashing/steady power light, no other lights litLight one on, light two flashingSure Signal not transmitting a 3G signal‘Call Failed’ error when making callsResetting your Sure SignalSure Signal - Call Audio Quality IssuesIssue not listed?   Getting ...

Retired-Kay by Moderator (Retired)
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Network issues – initial checks and template

If you're having network problems, please read the information below before posting. This will help us to identify any issues more quickly. A network issue would include loss of signal, poor signal or problems making/receiving calls or texts:   1. Ch...

VodafoneUK by Administrator
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Network queries - frequently asked questions

We receive a number of network related queries every month and many of these ask about how we handle these enquiries.   This FAQ tells you everything you need to know: 1) I’ve posted a network query, what now?   2) Why can't you give me a timescale o...


I got the following error message on a couple of websites: Content_encoding_error Server response could not be decoded using encoding type returned by server. I am using a Mac and this happens both when using Firefox and Safari. I don't get the e...

pstopler by Not applicable
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Vodafone 3g/gprs Pcmcia Broadband Laptop Data Card

Can you purchase a data sim card on the £15 for 1Gb pay as you go tarrif for the vodafone PCMCIA LAPTOP DATACARD. Also does the usb dongle have any advantages over the data card,

jenko by Not applicable
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What Happened Then?

... and when I got online using my old dial-up connection I couldn't even access the vodafone website??? ... on the plus side, I did discover via Twitter that I could get now get it for free on my vodafone phone ... (BTW, does anyone know what the ...

EmmaGx by 4: Newbie
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is there somewhere | can check my PAYG payment history for my mobile broadband

Karen3 by Not applicable
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Mobile Broadband And Macs

I recently bought a Vodafone USB broadband dongle. At the time of purchase was I worried about exceeding my usage but was reassuringly told that the software included a data counter to monitage my usage. After installing the software on my Mac it ...

Cannot Connect To The Internet With K1

I use Motorola K1 (SIM free handset), and my plan is vodafone contract. Because my handset is SIM free handset, I downloaded WAP and MMS application from Motorola site. I could use MMS, but could not conncect to the internet. Actually, when I chose...

hana by Not applicable
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Mobile Broadband Help

For help and support on Frequently Asked Mobile Broadband questions please check out the following links. If you can't find what you're looking for then please ask us on the eForum. Vodafone Mobile Broadband Our Mobile Broadband summary page. Here ...